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  • Exposition “Colores desde Azania” or “Colors from Azania”- Amigos Building (Universidad de Navarra): Linked the african culture with the spanish culture by developing two additional socio-educational programs between January 31st and the 9th of February.


  1. Asociación Juvenil Isaba: 2º and 3º year students visited the exposition and a post workshop to further discuss current topics, such as the woman in society, life and death, dreams and reality, and tradition and modernity, etc. Topics about the artistic expression demand reflection and contemplation, ultimately allowing us to personally grow.

  • Summer 2018:

Considering our goal to strengthen development in the artist’s local communities through art, we elaborate educational projects in collaboration with the artists in two schools: Blue Sky School and Saint Francis Schools.

We are able to address the specific needs of each person within those projects through pedagogical orientations based on the development of habits, virtues and values. 

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